Our office has been serving investors since 1972. We are happy to share that we are still serving some of those early clients and their families, after more than 30 years. Ron Hunt had the vision of independent financial services whereby he was able to recommend quality investments to his clients without the influence of a large Wall Street wire house. He passed along that wisdom to his sons, Tim and Todd, who continue their father's legacy of doing what is right for the clients, using a wide range of products and independent research. 

Another key to our success has been to always place our clients' interests ahead of our own or that of any organization. With a firm like ours, which grows only through referrals, it's paramount that we have this kind of integrity. Along that same line, we make ourselves available to you at anytime and without the hassles of confusing phone queues or layers of staffing.

One more key to our success is the ability to receive the same kind of indispensable service that we give our clients. To do that, we sought out a group that we believe, and the awards confirm it, is one of the preeminent broker/dealers in the United States. Our alliance with Commonwealth Financial Network® ensures that our clients receive a vast array of investment choices to complement their goals. It also helps us best serve clients in a seamless and efficient manner by using the back office, investment, and technology support they provide.